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WesTrade Optical

Our departments


The Optical Department

Due to the high flexibility and performance speed of assembly and measurement assignments and the possibility to deliver an expanded package of fibre glass products, we gained the trust of our customers throughout the years. Today, this results in a continuous order flow that guarantees the basis of WesTrade Optical BV. In order to keep giving our contacts the attention they always had, and preferably even better than before, we accommodated the other activities in the following two departments.

The Projects Department

The Projects Department develops and realizes, focussed on fibre glass, all cabling projects one could possibly imagine (fibre glass, wireless, Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 concepts), from design to delivery. Our contacts more and more often ask us to perform total projects (twisted pair, coaxial and fibre glass systems) with extra activities. With the Projects Department, we expanded our package of services with Advertising, AutoCAD, Project Management and Engineering, belonging to the total projects.

The Infra Department

Infra and her engineering activities design and take care of the needed permit requests and also manages the klic reports on her own.
Infra realizes the management plan, the plan of action, traffic and safety plan and also takes care of the civil and installation activities on a project basis for fibre glass cables, like blowing, steered drilling and digging activities. At time of execution, the customer will be weekly informed with the latest developments, like project progress, budgets and reports. WesTrade Optical BV with her Infra Department takes care of the commissioning and delivery procedures for the projects she performs.

The Trading Department

The international trade in Fibre Optics offers many possibilities for the purchase and sales of high-quality fibre glass cables and parts. WesTrade Optical can purchase cable and parts on the international market against a very good price for her own projects and her customers. At request, our network of foreign suppliers is used for the delivery of all products you could possibly imagine. For the common products, quick delivery times are applicable. Please inquire after the possibilities WesTrade has to offer.