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Our Organization

A transparent structure


WesTrade has a very transparent structure, as can be seen in the organization chart underneath.
WesTrade has a group structure that consists of different operating companies. These are approached as independent operating companies.
Within the company goals WesTrade set, the management of the operating companies itself is responsible for her financial results.
This means they have a lot of freedom of choice for the realization of the individual company goals. The management of the operating company directly reports to the WesTrade Holding B.V. management.
The individual company goals are set together and translated to the operating company policy to be implemented. The conditions, which will take care of the realization of the set company goals due to their coherence and harmony, are also created together.
Our employees work very hard every day to maintain and expand our position on the different sectors.
WesTrade Holding
WesTrade Holding is the holding company and the executive management of the different operating companies. In the last few years, several subsidiary companies, in the form of private limited liability companies (BVs), have been set up.
WesTrade Beheer
WesTrade Beheer was established in 1994 and is the coordinating organization of the different operating companies of WesTrade. WesTrade Management directly reports to the WesTrade Holding management.
WesTrade Telecom
WesTrade Telecom is a wholesaler of mobile phones. The core activity is the import / export of mobile phones, tablets and accessories. All large brands, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and Motorola, are taken up in the portfolio. Besides the direct sales of physical stocks in different numbers, WesTrade Telecom also offers the possibility to forecast devices of several brands.
WesTrade Electronics
WesTrade Electronics is, as the name suspects, a wholesaler of electronics. The core activity is the import / export of electronics, at which the focus is on gaming consoles, cameras, memory cards and several multimedia products. WesTrade Electronics also has regular business partners all over the world.
WesTrade Optical
WesTrade Optical is an international leading organization with recondite knowledge of fibre glass solutions for several applications.
WesTrade Optical is specialised in, among others, the installation of fibre glass, under which FTTB (Fibre to the Building), FTTD (Fibre to the Desk), and FTTH (Fibre to the Home).
Besides installation and delivery of a large number of fibre glass applications, they expanded their expertise to the installation of several copper applications.
WesTrade Stables
WesTrade Stables purchases and sells dressage horses of different ages, levels and disciplines world-wide. All horses are selected on exterior, family tree, athletic movements and character. With an expanded network of stock-breeders, trade stables, trainers and professional horsemen, you will always find the right horse at WesTrade Stables.
WesTrade Properties
WesTrade Properties is active in the purchase and sales of national and international real estate objects and performs all activities under own management. WesTrade Properties invests in rental homes, resorts and commercial real estate, including long-term tenancy agreements at which a limited risk profile has been chosen. Due to this, they can guarantee quality and quick anticipation to all market developments.
WesTrade e-Commerce
WesTrade e-Commerce develops content management systems and web applications for own management, in order to realize online sales activities by affiliate marketing.
At that, they use the endless possibilities that e-commerce can offer. With the right search engine strategy, they take care of the optimum findability of their products, in order to get a maximum profit from their applications.